Satan Simply Doesn’t Understand Faith – At All!!

On Friday, January 27, 2011, Satan brought some of his fire to the building that housed the things we have used to minister the love of Christ to others.  This fire destroyed, through flame or smoke, the building and the things in it.  Satan had to be laughing, thinking he had won a great victory.

Certainly, his laughing was doused, just like the fire he started, when he saw the relentless Faith of everyone involved in this ministry.  And, then came the love of all those who have been contributing to the ministry.  Already there are bags of clothes, household goods, and acts of love that are dedicated to meeting the needs of the ministry’s focus of loving others like Jesus loves.

This web site will be one way of reaching out to the world with the Love of God.  Here we will tell you about our ministry efforts and we will ask you for your help.

One of our major focuses after the fire is to rebuild.  We will soon provide the ability to make contributions to the re-building fund on this site.

Feel free to enter your comments and offer your help through the avenues provided on this web site.

Praise God!  And live lives worthy of His calling.

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